September 1, 2023

Week in Review: PICSS Security Assessment (Sep 15 – Sep 21) Highlights

During the week under review, there was a marginal decline in militant activities. Eight attacks occurred, resulting in 10 fatalities and three injuries. Balochistan accounted for four attacks, KPK three, and erstwhile FATA one. Security forces responded with seven operations, resulting in 14 suspected militants killed and seven apprehended. Noteworthy incidents included an attack on a Balochistan check-post, an assault on a CTD head constable in Quetta, and targeting killings of policemen in KP.

The Election Commission of Pakistan has declared that general elections will be held by the last week of January, surpassing the constitutionally mandated 90-day deadline. The exact polling date is expected after the final notification of delimitation on Nov 30, hinting at Jan 28 as the likely polling day. The announcement has generated mixed reactions among political parties, with PPP and PML-N expressing approval, while PTI voices reservations.

A significant Supreme Court decision, issued just before the retirement of the Chief Justice, has annulled specific amendments to accountability laws. This ruling empowers the NAB to reopen approximately 1,800 closed cases against politicians, including former prime ministers and ministers.

Ahmadiyya worship places have experienced acts of vandalism and threats. One incident occurred in Karachi, and another in Daska (Sialkot district). Tensions escalated when Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan threatened to demolish minarets of a historic Ahmadiyya worship place in Daska. In a positive turn, Shia and Sunni residents issued a joint statement in Sheikhupura, advocating for the preservation of Ahmadiyya worship places.

Pakistan’s economy grapples with inflation, inflated electricity bills, soaring food prices, and limited employment opportunities, resulting in continued hardships for the public. Escalating electricity costs and surging fuel prices contributed to an inflation rate of over 27.4% in August. Following a nine-day closure due to clashes between border forces, the Torkham border has reopened, a vital crossing point between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Pakistan has urged the interim Afghan government to take robust action against Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), citing ongoing attacks originating from Afghanistan. Pakistan’s special representative for Afghanistan undertook an unannounced trip to Kabul to address cross-border terrorist activities.

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