Governor KPK Launches Digital Database On Terrorism.
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In-House Session on Kashmir
In-House Session on Kashmir
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Ambiguity about US Intentions impediment in peace
PICSS Round table on Afghanistan
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PICSC-RDDC International Roundtable
Identifying Pathways and Interfaces for Engagement in Afghanistan
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Terrorism in Pakistan Soars 79% in First Half of 2023
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Staffed by a team of highly qualified and experienced researchers, analysts, and experts in the fields of conflict and security, providing unparalleled expertise and analysis on critical security issues in Pakistan and the region.

Impartial and Evidence-Based Research

PICSS is committed to providing impartial, evidence-based research and analysis, free from political influence or commercial interests, making it a trusted source of information on conflict and security issues.

Dialogue and Discussion

PICSS regularly holds seminars, workshops, and roundtable discussions to facilitate exchange of ideas and promote understanding, creating a platform for dialogue and discussion on critical security issues in Pakistan and the region.

Who we are

A highly qualified team of researchers, analysts, and experts in the fields of conflict and security

Choose PICSS for expertise in conflict and security studies, impacting policy decisions. Gain unique insights into security challenges in Pakistan and the region, fostering collaboration and thought leadership. Experience capacity building and thought-provoking publications, addressing pressing security issues effectively.

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Benefit from our highly qualified security experts.

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Rely on our impartial, evidence-based analysis.

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Participate in our regular dialogues and seminars.

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Recognized as a trusted source of security information.

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Stay informed on a wide range of security topics.

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Contribute to raising public awareness through our outreach activities.


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