March 15, 2024

Reduction in Violence but Intermittent Attacks Continue WSAR ( 8 – 14 March 2024 )

Since elections, trend of reduction in violence continued though militants still carry out
intermittent attacks now and then. Over the reviewed week, seven attacks resulted in 12
fatalities, with the majority occurring in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). These incidents included
targeted killings, physical assaults, an IED explosion, and a failed suicide attack, indicating
ongoing militant intent for violence. Concurrently, security forces undertook four actions
resulting in the elimination of six militants and the apprehension of 25 others.
In the political arena, positive developments amid potential conflicts were observed. Asif
Ali Zardari, representing the ruling coalition, secured the presidency with a significant margin.
The subsequent formation of Prime Minister Shahbaz’s cabinet saw key appointments, albeit
with some unconventional selections. Mixed signals regarding reconciliation efforts were noted
and PM Shahbaz and CM Gandapur’s meeting indicate some possible backgound efforts to
reduce temperature. Additionally, the International Monetary Fund’s call to renegotiate the
National Finance Commission award may exacerbate tensions between the central and provincial
Diplomatic engagements between Pakistan and Afghanistan suggest a potential shift in
Pakistan’s Afghan policy under the new government. Despite continued tensions with the Tehriki-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), economic imperatives may drive Pakistan towards dialogue. Meanwhile,
India’s ballistic missile test prompted procedural objections from Pakistan, reflecting the complex
dynamics of regional security amid nuclear capabilities development.

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(8 – 15 March 2024)

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