January 14, 2024

Country witnessed deadly start of 2024; Policemen and Politicians specifically Targeted ( 29 Dec 2023 – 11 Jan 2024 )

The start of 2024 in the country has been marred by a surge in militant attacks mainly
targeting law enforcement and politicians. In two weeks, 25 attacks resulted in 34 fatalities and
50 injuries, showcasing patterns in physical assaults, targeted killings, IED explosions, and a
mortar attack. Simultaneously, security forces responded with 12 actions, killing 23 alleged
militants and apprehending 30.
In politics, legal battles unfolded as the Peshawar High Court declared the Election
Commission’s decision to revoke the PTI’s electoral symbol “illegal.” Concerns about election
delays surfaced, fueled by a non-binding resolution in the upper house. Lifetime disqualifications
for lawmakers were overturned, enabling Nawaz Sharif and Jhangir Tarin participation in
elections. Conversely, Imran Khan faced escalating legal troubles, including indictment and
multiple arrests.
The caretaker government formed a committee to investigate nationwide violence on
May 9, following Imran Khan’s arrest. Controversy surrounds the rejection of nomination papers,
particularly from PTI candidates, awaiting outcomes pending review processes.
Enforced disappearances gained attention, leading to the Supreme Court directing the
Commission of Inquiry to submit a comprehensive report. Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani hinted
at prosecuting intelligence officials for disappearances. Protests continued, prompting the
federal cabinet’s approval to reconstitute its committee on disappearances.
Surprising developments occurred in the Supreme Court, with Justice Sayyed Mazahar Ali
Akbar Naqvi resigning amid misconduct allegations. Justice Ijazul Ahsan’s resignation possibly
preempts misconduct proceedings, fueling rumors of ongoing judicial purging linked to judges’
affiliations. The Supreme Court upheld the death sentence for Gen Musharraf posthumously,
symbolizing constitutional adherence.
Efforts to normalize relations with Afghanistan emerged with some reports hinting at
resumption of talks with TTP.
Military cooperation discussions intensified between Pakistan, Türkiye, and Saudi Arabia,
focusing on defense technologies.

To access the complete security assessment report
(29 Dec 2023 – 11 Jan 2024)

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