Unprecedented decline in anti-state violence in 2015: PICSS


Islamabad: 1 January, 2016

Security situation in Pakistan saw unprecedented improvement in 2015. Anti-state violence dropped below 2008. During 2015, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa witnessed 75% decline in militant attacks while Baluchistan saw highest number of attacks during the year. 1987 militants were killed in security forces actions while 6347 were arrested during the year 2015. These statistics are released by an Islamabad based independent Think Tank Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies (PICSS). According to PICSS statistics militant attacks witnessed 56 percent decline than year 2014, while there was 48 percent decline in resultant deaths and 57 percent reduction in injured persons.

In 2015, 706 militant attacks took place in which 1325 people were killed including 619 civilians, 348 security forces personnel, 325 militants and 33 pro-government Razakars. In year 2015 injured number of persons was 1464 which included 988 militants, 417 security forces personnel, 45 militants and 14 pro-government razakars. Pakistan’s security situation improved greatly in the year 2015 as the level of anti-state violence reduced below the level of year 2008 when new wave of anti-state violence in Pakistan had started an upward trend. Baluchistan remained the most violent province in the year 2015 in which 280 militant activities occurred with 355 people killed and 335 injured. Though Baluchistan observed highest number of militant attacks as compared to other provinces but there was 41 percent decline in militant activities as compared to year 2014, however resultant deaths were more than previous year. FATA with second in number in anti-state violence witnessed 170 attacks in the year 2015. In these attacks 396 people were killed and 431 injured. FATA witnessed 55 percent and 56 percent decline in attacks and deaths, respectively. In KPK, 139 attacks were carried out last year in which 224 people were killed and 253 injured. During the year 2015, KPK saw best improvement trend in security situation compared to rest of the country as 70 percent reduction in violence and 65 percent downfall recorded in resultant deaths.

In Sindh, 89 militant activities were recorded with 240 killed and 203 injured. After KPK, Sindh came up as much better province in terms of security situation where 64 percent decline in violence was recorded, however, only 22 percent reduction in deaths was observed. In Punjab, PICSS recorded 25 militant activities with 110 casualties and 243 injured. There was 39 percent reduction in violence in Punjab but no downfall recorded in resultant deaths. This province remained bull’s eye for high profile attacks and suicide attacks were recorded mostly in Punjab than other provinces.

In year 2015, security forces carried out 1193 actions against militants in which 2043 casualties were recorded by PICSS. In these 1193 actions, 1987 militants were killed while 22 civilians and 34 security forces personnel also lost their lives during these actions. 6347 suspected militant arrests were made by security forces last year. In Baluchistan security forces carried out 399 actions in which 277 militants were killed while 2478 suspected militants were arrested. FATA had 176 security forces actions in which 1389 militants were killed and 325 arrests were made. In FATA, 10 security forces personnel and 11 civilians also lost their lives during the security forces actions. PICSS recorded 250 security forces actions in KPK in which 1925 suspected arrests were made whereas 52 casualties reported including 38 militants, 8 security personnel and 6 civilians. In Sindh, 218 security forces actions were recorded in which 231 died. These include 228 militants, 2 civilians and one security forces personnel. Punjab had 127 security forces actions in which 59 casualties documented including 54 militants, three civilians and two security forces personnel. 767 suspected militant arrests were made in Punjab by security forces. In Islamabad capital territory 19 security forces actions with 188 arrests and 4 security forces actions with 11 arrests were recorded in Gilgit Baltistan by PICSS.