Surge in militant activities but decline in resultant deaths: PICSS


Press Release:

Sluggish Rise Witnessed in Militant Activities in November

A nose-dive in militant activities was observed in the mid-year of 2015 after NAP, it is observed that militant attacks which have reached the lowest number of the year are now hovering around almost same number. However, militants still managed to carry out some significant attacks in the month of November, 2015. According to the monthly report issued by an independent, Islamabad based think tank Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies PICSS, militant attacks have slightly increased in the month of November as compared to previous month of October, 2015.  In the statistics maintained by PICSS, 52 militant attacks were carried out in November, 2015 in which 53 people were killed which includes 22 Security Forces Personnel, 2 Razakars, 20 civilians and 9 militants. In these 52 attacks by militants 74 people were injured which include 12 security forces personnel, 57 civilians and 5 militants. It is observed that in the month of October, 2015 a total number of militant attacks were 43 in which 101 people were killed and 110 were injured. Though in November, 2015 attacks by militants have increased but resultant deaths and figures for injured persons have come to almost half. A slight increase in militant activities was observed in FATA, while rest of the provinces Baluchistan, KPK, Punjab and Sindh also witnessed upsurge in number of militant acts.

In Baluchistan, 19 militant attacks were recorded by PICSS. For the past two months a slight rise in militant acts is recorded by PICSS. In October, 2015 number of militant activities recorded were 17. One of the major incident that took place in Baluchistan in November, 2015 was attack on train. Jaffar Express is the frequent target of anti-Pakistan Baloch militants who try to carry out such acts to remain in context. Weakening Baloch insurgency has been trying to put up some resistance with such attacks but the wave of surrendering of militants before authorities has started to dent the insurgents heavily as it has snowball effect and more surrenders are expected in future.

In KPK, 11 incidents of militant acts were witnessed in this month as of 8 incidents in the month of October, 2015. While in FATA, 12 militant activities were noted by PICSS. Militants in KPK and FATA continue to target tribal elders with the view to disrupt social fabric of the society given the central role these leaders play in tribal societies. Militants cross border attacks continue to occur and security forces continued their airstrikes in Khyber Agency suggesting that military operation in the agency is yet to be completed. A notable attack was carried out in Bannu in which Federal Minister for Housing and Works Akram Khan Durrani’s convoy was targeted but he remained safe.

In Sindh, rise in militant acts was recorded by PICSS in which 9 such kind of incidents were reported. Sectarian attacks were reported by splinter outfits and banned militant organizations in the area of Karachi, Shikarpur and Khairpur. In Punjab only one militant was recorded.

In November, 2015 a total number of 18 IED attacks were noted by PICSS which is comparatively high figure as of previous month in which 11 IED attacks were recorded. An increase in militant assaults was also seen as 16 number of militant assaults were recorded by PICSS which was 13 in number previously. Three rocket attacks, nine incidents of target killing and six grenade attacks were recorded in the month of November, 2015.

In response to militant attacks, security forces are performing with vigil across the board and IBO’s are continuing to curb out militancy. A total number of 93 security forces actions were carried out in November, 2015 in which 112 militants were killed while 2 security forces personnel also lost their lives in these operations. 228 arrests were made by security forces.