Suicide Attacks in Pakistan Since 2001


The wave of suicide attacks in Pakistan started after 9/11. First suicide attack was carried out in 2002. A sudden and rapid increase was witnessed in number of suicide attacks in 2007 onward as Lal Masjid Operation in Islamabad was a watershed moment in the history of suicide attacks in Pakistan. Later in December 2007, Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) was formed and militants took over large parts of Swat and South Waziristan. 2009 saw highest number of suicide attacks which include 78 in number during whole period of two decades. But during 2010 highest number of causalities were recorded which were 1025.

[easy_chart chart_id=’9576′]

For the second decade, militants tried to gain momentum like previous decade but couldn’t because of military operations started in the country at large level. Highest suicide attacks and causalities were carried out in KPK province of the country where 221 suicide attacks were carried out and in result of these attacks 2711 people were killed. Total 488 suicide attacks were carried out in last two decades in which 6642 people were killed.


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