Security Situation Improved: 50pc Decline in Militant Attacks in September 2021


The security situation has relatively improved in Pakistan in September compared with August 2021 as September witnessed 23 militant attacks almost half compared with August in which 45 militant attacks were recorded. However, the overall trajectory of militant attacks remained similar to May, June and July 2021. According to the statistics released by Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies (PICSS), 23 militant attacks were recorded in September 2021 in which 25 people were killed including 2 civilians and 21 security forces personnel while 46 others were injured including 5 civilians and 41 security forces personnel. While in August 2021, 45 militant attacks were recorded, in which 64 people were killed and 136 others were injured.

According to the PICSS statistics, the highest number of militant attacks were reported from the Balochistan region where nine militant attacks were carried out which resulted in 15 deaths including 14 security forces personnel. In tribal districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (former FATA region) witnessed seven militant attacks in the month which resulted in six deaths including five security forces personnel and nine others were injured including three civilians and six security forces personnel.

Five militant attacks were carried out in KPK province (other than tribal districts) where three people were killed, including two security forces personnel and one civilian, while one security forces personnel was injured. Sindh witnessed two militant attacks in which one civilian was killed. While Punjab, Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT), Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJK), and Gilgit-Baltistan witnessed no violent militant activity.

As per the PICSS statistics, out of these 23 militant attacks, nine were IED-based attacks in which 10 people were killed, including nine security forces personnel, 14 were injured including 11 security forces personnel and three civilians. PICSS recorded six mortar attacks in which six security forces personnel were killed while the same number of security forces personnel were injured. Four target-killing incidents were monitored which resulted in four deaths including two civilians and two security forces persons.

Two grenade attacks were reported in which five people were injured including three security forces personnel and two civilians. One suicide attack was also reported which caused five deaths including four security forces personnel and 21 security forces personnel were injured. Similarly, one incident of kidnapping was monitored.

In September 2021, Pakistani security forces conducted 18 counter-terrorism operations in which 28 militants were killed while 25 suspected militants were arrested. Eight security forces personnel were also killed in these operations. The highest number of security forces actions were reported from erstwhile FATA where six notable incidents were monitored in which nineteen militants were killed.

Sindh and KPK witnessed four security forces actions each. These operations caused the death of one militant and seven were arrested. in Sindh while one militant was killed in the KPK region while 11 suspected militants were arrested. Three security forces actions were reported from Balochistan where seven militants were killed and three suspected militants were arrested.
Punjab witnessed one security forces action which resulted in the arrest of four suspected militants.


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