Resultant casualties decrease in month of June 2019.


In month of June 2019 Pakistan observed total 17 numbers of militant attacks in different areas across the country. In result of attacks total 26 number of people lost their lives with 49 injured.
According to Information revealed in monthly report of Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies (PICSS) Islamabad. Maximum casualties were caused by IED blasts in which 15 number of people died in province of Balochistan and Fata. Fata became first while Balochistan remained top of the list according to militant activities happened last month. In month of May total 14 militant attacks with 37 resultant casualties were recorded in PICSS database. This implies that month of June 2019 witnessed decrease in resultant casualties while number of attacks slightly increase. Majority of attacks and resultant casualties in June took place in area of Balochistan and Fata where Total 13 numbers of masses were killed including 4 security forces personnel, 4 militants and 5 civilians in result of 7 attacks in Balochistan. Three security forces personnel and 25 civilians got injured in various militant incidents happened in Balochistan. Meanwhile seven militant activates were witnessed in Fata with 9 resultant casualties and 17 injured. Seven security forces personnel and 2 civilians lost their lives in Fata attacks. Two militant attacks took place in KPK with a single death of a militant and a civilian, 3 civilians and a single militant got injured too. While two security forces personnel lost their lives in single target killing attack in Sindh region. Meanwhile Pakistani security forces conducted 10 operations against the militants in different areas of Pakistan.6 militants were killed in Sindh and Punjab region while 12 suspected militants were arrested by Security forces personal. Ten suspected militants were arrested from Punjab, one from Sindh and one from KP Province.


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