Rebel on Rebel Approach of the US


Article on ‘Rebel on the Rebel Approach of the US’ written by Reema Asim ,PRO of Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies’ was published in Daily ‘The Nation’ on 12th October,2015.Link of the article is given below:

The US not only postulates but also induces the particular idea among its old and new cronies that Pakistan used non-state actors for its own purposes against India and that it has attempted to use Afghan insurgents to try to win influence and some degree of control over Afghanistan. Perversely the US was using its now declared non-state actors against Russia in the past and has once again mastering in the revival of the ‘Rebel on Rebel approach’ in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere to wield its influence and realize own purposes.

Addressing the UNGA 70th session, President Obama declared that the US alone cannot handle volatile situations worldwide while accepting the madness of repeated military intervention in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. This statement and the on-going barbaric sectarian wars that are tearing apart Iraq and Syria in addition to many other countries, while American lead Western powers showing a snooping detachment and lack of urgency when it comes to restoring lasting peace there, indicates that the US has rallied a treacherously refurbished strategy of Rebel on Rebel approach towards its targets to meet global power’s own intentions and objectives.

From the US perspective apart from non-state actors like Al Qaeda, ISIS, TTP, Boko Haram, etc. as well as all those countries and their regimes are Rebels who either oppose or deny the singular interest and domination, hear means political, economic, diplomatic, military and even cultural hegemony of the US. To qualify the aforementioned perception about America’s new strategy of Rebel on Rebel take the examples of military interventions in Gulf on the plea of WMDs and later into Afghanistan after twin tower tragedy. According to new revelations the main justification for waging war on Gulf and Afghanistan were totally fabricated. The American people have been calculatingly and intentionally misled by their government into supporting a major military adventure which perpetually is affecting collective future of the global community. Confronted with mounting evidence, the US Administration can no longer deny its links to Osama bin Laden. While the CIA admits that Osama bin Laden was an intelligence asset formed during the Cold War, the relationship is said to go way back. Most news broadcasts and reports generated from the West consider that these Osama-CIA links belong to the departed period of the Soviet-Afghan and connections are invariably viewed as unconnected to an understanding of present events. Lost in the onslaught of recent history of making and breaking, role of the CIA in supporting and developing international terrorist organizations during the Cold war and its aftermath is nonchalantly disregarded and cleverly downplayed deliberately by the American lead Western media. The US and its allies are making the global community believe that the sophisticated methods then taught to the erstwhile Mujahedeen and contemporarily to non-state actors ISIS etc., and the thousands of tons of war merchandize supplied to them by the US and many of its willing and unwilling partners including Britain, are now disturbing the West in the phenomenon known as ‘blowback’. The US media, now is lamenting both ISIS and regimes in Syria and Iraq for killing their own people but on the other hand both these countries are fighting with these non-state actors alongside rebels of the state who are supported by the US government and its CIA.; one must remember that ISIS and US both are against Bashar ul Assad. The evidence amply confirms that the CIA never severed its ties to the non-state actors. Since the end of the Cold War, these covert intelligence links have not only been maintained, they have now become increasingly sophisticated with regard to creation of ISIS and its affiliates like Al-Nusra.

It is still too early to say if this laissez-faire attitude has been changed by the arrival of desperate refugees battering at the gates of the EU. Previously, it was revealing that US Secretary of State John Kerry had devoted much more time to a patently doomed attempt to get Palestinian-Israeli negotiations under way than he had to ending the Iraq-Syrian war. This indifference is surprising until one takes on board that it is in keeping with Western attitudes to the transformation of the political landscape in the wider Middle East and North Africa since the end of the Cold War. There are now no less than nine ethnic, sectarian or separatist civil wars being waged in the vast area between Afghanistan and Nigeria. Some conflicts are well known, such as the war in Afghanistan or the bloody raids of Boko Haram in north-east Nigeria, but who notices in the midst of many complicated challenges created by the US that an exorbitant number of people have been once again displaced in many countries including Afghanistan and South Sudan. An end to Cold War superpower rivalry, globalization and free-market economics were all portrayed as benevolent modernizing forces over the past quarter century. But, in reality, the decline of nationalism and the national state has been replaced by nothing better and has opened the door to monstrous but fanatical movements such as ISIS while as a consequence many countries including Pakistan are being pressured by the US to once again join a multi-nation coalition named as ‘Sahel to South Asia alliance’ against the dreaded ISIS terror group which has become the most formidable threat to peace after al-Qaeda, once again a refurbished strategy to create militants in South East Asia.

In a Rebel on Rebel stratagem most recently CIA created and the US termed ‘moderate’ rebels handed over their weapons and ammunition to Al-Nusra for safe passage. The US government is providing Rebels of their choice millions of dollar worth weapons and training under the Syria train-and-equip programme run by CIA. The billions worth CIA programme originally aimed to ready around 15,000 vetted fighters a year for three years is a part of new approach to destabilize perceived threats mainly in countries that are of US interest, is likely to once again creep into Afghanistan to create another unending chaos in the region. Unfortunately partners in carrying forward this new US approach include Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arab, Kuwait, Qatar, and Jordan in addition to elements of the other rebel forces that currently oppose both Assad and ISIS and likely to be applied to Pakistan in future, hence needs deliberation before thinking of joining a new coalition to carry forward Rebel on Rebel approach.