Rawalakot has seen unprecedent Youth Engagement on “Hamara Kashmir Hamara Pakistan” Conference.


Addressing a one-day youth conference “Hamara Kashmir-Hamara Pakistan” organized by Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies (PICSS) and University of Poonch, Rawlakot the speakers said that India was committed to ending Kashmir’s internationally recognized status.  Many legal and political steps have been taken for this purpose but the rulers of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir have not been able to take any far-reaching steps in response.  Making or granting province status is not acceptable for AJK or GB is not acceptable. 

Major General (retd) Muhammad Saad Khattak addressing the Youth during “Hamara Kashmir Hamara Pakistan” Conference

Pakistan should not repeat the mistakes that justify Indian stances. The government and educational institutions should play their role in promoting the narrative of Pakistaniat.  If we do not stand up against Indian illegal tactics against Yasin Malik it will eliminate all pro freedom leaders one by one. Former Prime Minister Sardar Atiq Ahmed Khan, Chairman Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies Major General (retd) Muhammad Saad Khattak, Chairman Jammu and Kashmir Salvation Movement Altaf Ahmed Bhatt, Leading Analyst Irshad Mahmood, Kashmir Youth Alliance’s President Dr. Mujahid Gilani, Dean Faculty of Basic and applied Sciences University of Poonch Dr. Abdul Rauf, Managing Director Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies Abdullah Khan, Director Research PICSS Gul Dad Khan, Registrar University of Poonch Dr. Adnan Idrees, Controller University of Poonch Prof. Imtiaz Hussain and others addressed the conference. 

Altaf Ahmed Bhatt answering the question during Q & A Session between Students and Speakers of Conference.

Sardar Atiq Ahmad Khan said that we should have taught Pakistaniat to our children from day one.  But we left Pakistaniat and became victims of various confusions.  He said that only two slogans are acceptable, one is ‘Kashmir will accede to Pakistan’ (Kashmir Bany Ga Pakistan) and the other is Kashmir will become independent (Kashmir Banay Ga Khud Mukhtar). There is no room for any third slogan.  He said that he would raise the slogan of ‘Kashmir Banay Ga  Pakistan’ but he respects all those who raise the slogan of Kashmir will become independent.  He said that any proposal like changing the status of Azad Kashmir to make it a province or giving it the status of a province would not acceptable.  He said that when we talk about Kashmir’s accession to Pakistan, it is not an integration. 

Interactive Session on Intolerance in Society: Causes and Remedies.

Kashmir will join Pakistan while maintaining its identity.  He said that during the last 15-20 years in Azad Kashmir, the political forces which used to chant slogans of ‘Long live Pakistan Army’ were pushed to the wall.  Right wing forces were strengthened all over the world but right wing forces were systematically weakened in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir. Major General Saad Khattak (R) in his address said that his training in Azad Kashmir Regiment was due to Kashmiri military officers.  He said that the soldiers of Pakistan Army have made immense sacrifices for Kashmir.  Kashmiris have made sacrifices for Pakistan. The relationship between Kashmir and Pakistan is based on sacrifices and blood.  No one can separate us.  Leading Hurriyat leader Altaf Ahmed Bhatt said in his speech that the Indian acts of the August 5, 2019 was as dangerous as the Indian aggression in 1947.  India occupied Kashmir in 1947 and in 2019 it changed the internationally recognized status of Kashmir and is now consolidating its hold in various ways.  He said that India imposed economic blockade to weaken Kashmir’s freedom movement leadership and people of Kashmiri economically, which cost the Kashmiri economy billions of dollars. India has begun the process of systematic depletion of all natural resources in Kashmir. 

Pro Dr Abdul Rauf Khan, VC University of Poonch, Rawalakot give his thoughts on what role Universities should play to promote Pakistaniat.

He said that India had renamed all the radio stations of Jammu and Kashmir as All India Radios.  July 13, which was Martyrs’ Day, has also been  removed from the official calendar of Occupied Kashmir.  India has given Kashmir domicile to 1.5 lakh non-Kashmiri Hindus.  Now all the universities in Occupied Kashmir are directly controlled by India.  The Kashmiri IS officers in Kashmir are being dumped in remote areas of India and non-Kashmiri officers are being deployed there. The Srinagar Press Club is run at the behest of the Indian Army.  He said that Pakistan should appoint a person of Kashmiri descent as Pakistan’s Deputy Foreign Minister so that the Kashmiri point of view on Kashmir issue could be fully exposed and presented to the world in the right context.  He said that the government of Pakistan should make Tehreek-e-Azadi Kashmir a part of Pakistani curriculum.  He said that if we do not stand up against the injustice against Yasin Malik today, then tomorrow it will be the turn of Shabir Shah, Musarat Alam and other leaders.  He said that if Shahbaz Sharif, Imran Khan, Asif Zardari can gather millions of people for their politics then why not for Kashmir.  He said that Azad Kashmir government should organize Kashmir Million March in London. He said that Pakistan should provide the same employment opportunities to Kashmiri youth as it provides to the youth of Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and other provinces.  Leading analyst Irshad Mahmood said that after the Iranian Revolution and the First Afghan War, religious extremism and sectarianism increased in Pakistan.  He said that growing extremism was a threat to Pakistan’s existence.  Abdullah Khan, Managing Director, Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies, said that our young generation was exposed to the crisis of identity. 

Dr Imtiaz Hussain Urged the youth on converting Challenges into Opportunities.

We have shifted from the universal identity of Islam and humanity to regional, linguistic and cultural identities, which is reducing our opportunities for ourselves.  Kashmir Youth Alliance President Dr Mujahid Gilani said that Pakistaniat is stronger in Occupied Kashmir than Pakistan as Kashmiri Muslims in Srinagar and other parts of Occupied Kashmir raise Pakistan Zindabad slogans in front of Indian soldiers. at the point of Kashmiri gun, Pakistan raises the slogan of ‘Long live Pakistan’. He said that the people of Azad Kashmir should cherish independence.  Even those with different political views are freely expressing their views here, but in Occupied Kashmir, those who speak against India’s national narrative are met with a bullet. Young participants from different parts of Azad Kashmir participated in the conference. 


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