Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting The PICSS Report Web site. The PICSS Report has designed its Privacy Policy to inform you about our current data collection and how we use your personal information. From time to time, The PICSS Report may, without notice, modify or eliminate all or a portion of this Privacy Policy.

We obtain personal information that is needed to provide you with our goods and services.
When The PICSS Report collects information directly from you, we obtain this personal information in order to provide you with our goods or services, to provide customer service, and to fulfill any legal or regulatory requirements related to processing payment transactions with The PICSSReport. Payment card account information is immediately processed and never retained on our server.
If you supply us with personal data and request information from us, we will contact you to provide the information you requested. We may also contact you to follow up on your subscription order or renewal, or we may contact you with other information about The PICSS Report and its products or services that we believe you would find interesting or helpful.

We are committed to protecting the confidentiality of your personal information. The PICSS Report’s policies limit access to the personal information we collect to those employees who need the information to fulfill their responsibilities. We require our employees to adhere to The PICSS Report’s Privacy Policy.

When we obtain personal information as part of our direct relationship with you, we will not share this information with non-affiliated third parties, except in the following circumstances:

• In accordance with The PICSS Report Privacy Policy
• To facilitate and complete merchant-initiated or -authorized transactions
• To comply with federal, state and local laws, including credit reporting laws and card association rules
• To combat fraud
• To offer products and services from The PICSS Report.

We give you choices about how your information will be used. Since your needs may change, and The PICSS Report continuously develops new products and services, we may contact you to determine if we can provide you with additional products and services. Most of our Subscriber and potential subscribers appreciate hearing about our new products and services, and prefer that we continue to contact them. If you would prefer not to be contacted, we will make information available to you about how you may request to have your name removed from any marketing lists maintained by The PICSS Report. The PICSS Report does not make its subscriber list or potential customer list available to any third party at any time for any reason at any price.

The PICSS Report’s Web sites may be linked to other Web sites. The PICSS Report creates links to third-party Web sites.. The PICSS Report is not responsible for the content or privacy practices employed by third-party Web sites that are linked to our Web site. Neither does The PICSS Report control or warrant the utility, merchantability or workmanship of the products or services offered at third-party Web sites.