Press Release: PICSS Monthly Security Report.


Terror Marching; Deaths and Injuries Escalate



            Violence continues to escalate in Pakistan as militants managed to inflict more human losses. An Islamabad based independent think tank Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies (PICSS) in its monthly report revealed that November witnessed substantial increase in deaths and injuries though number of attacks have gone slightly down. While the number of militant attacks have gone down by almost 14 percent during November as 21 militant attacks were carried out in the month against 24 militant attacks in October, the impact of less number of attacks in November was higher than that of October. There has been almost 49 percent increase in number of deaths and almost 33 percent increase in number of injuries as compared to previous month. These 21 militant attacks in November caused killing of 63 people and injuries to 73 others.

            November also witnessed some significant attacks including an attack against Chinese consulate in Karachi claimed by proscribed Baluchistan Liberation Army (BLA) and an attack of sectarian nature claimed by Daesh. There are strong apprehensions in Pakistan and circumstantial evidence to indicate that the former is done at the behest of anti-CPEC forces spearheaded by India through Afghanistan and the latter having its roots in the Afghan soil.

According to PICSS report, the highest number of attacks and resultant deaths as well as injuries during the month of November were recorded in erstwhile FATA region where 13 militant attacks were reported in which 49 people were killed and 50 others were injured. Three militant attacks were recorded in Baluchistan that caused four deaths and injuries to 13 others, two militant attacks were recorded in Sindh in which nine people were killed and the same of others were injured where one militant attack each was reported from ICT, KPK, and Punjab.


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