Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies (PICSS) initiated a series of conferences to counter the challenges of extremism, fifth-generation warfare and misperceptions about Pakistan and its ideology. The idea of these conferences was to create awareness among the youth about the vision of Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal and to inspire them to become useful citizens of Pakistan. Besides, negative & fabricated propaganda about the armed forces of Pakistan was denied & countered and sacrifices of the armed forces of Pakistan in the war against terror were highlighted, to clear any misperception in the minds of the young generation. Conferences were also aimed to motivate youth to positive contribute in development and progress of the country.

It is now an open secret that our adversaries have adopted various strategies to weaken state as well as society and tried to whip up sub-nationalist tendencies in Pakistan. Various parts of the country in general and Pashtun belt of the country in particular remained their prime target of all the tactics that could be perceived in fifth generation warfare including targeting youth and their ideological orientation. Since youth comprises almost 63 percent of total population, they are not only targeted due to their numerical strength but also due to the impact this disorientation could cause for the country in short, medium and long terms. Spreading discontentment, distrust, hopelessness, self-pity and despair appears to be the main focus. Constant efforts for reversing this trend is required to avoid its negative implication on a segment of society on whose contributions the future of Pakistan depends.  Despite facing numerous economic and governance challenges, Pakistan and its talented people achieved some unmatchable heights in various domains including sports, education, health, science, art, business, etc. Most of these Pakistanis who rose to national or international fame charted their ways in the prevailing circumstances and could be role models for others. Success stories of the high achievers especially those coming from the similar socio-economic background could have even greater impact on motivation of the youth of those areas. PICSS intends to expose our youth to these local heroes (in sports, education, science, health, business/ entrepreneurship, etc.) and provide them a chance to interact and get motivated.

PICSS intends to hold the conference at University of Peshawar. Around 350 students of various departments will attend the conference. Besides maximum attendance from the host department, a select number of students from other departments of the university will be invited to attend the conference. Similarly, students from other universities working in public and private sector will also be invited to attend the conference. PICSS intends to hold the conference on Thursday 22 February 2022.


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