Pakistaniat related to an ideology, not just a terrain: PICSS Conference Saidu Sharif, Swat


Saidu Sharif, Swat

Pakistaniat has its roots in a certain ideology and not related to specific boundaries or terrain. Pen not guns to be the symbol of our youth. Youth to be immunized from any-State propaganda. These views were expressed in a conference in Wadudia Hall, Saidu Sharif on Thursday organized by Pakistan’s leading think tank Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies (PICSS) for the youth of Malaknad Division. The conference was addressed by speakers from different walks of life. Hundreds of youth from different areas and institutions of Swat participated in the conference. Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Shah Farman was the Chief Guest of the conference but he could not make it because of inauguration of Mohmand Dam by the Prime Minister Imran Khan. Chairman Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies Major General (R) Muhammad Saad Khattak said, “Our aim is to give pens instead of guns to our youth”. He said that the youth should not fall prey to negative propaganda against the state and avoid ideological disillusions to keep focus on their studies. He said that sacrifices laid by the people of Swat are witnessed themselves to show their commitment with Pakistan. He said that youth of whole nation including female segment of our youth is striving hard to serve the nation. He said the peace in Swat is a result of the sacrifices and resilience of the people of Swat. He said that the resilience of the people of Swat against terrorism is unprecedented. Former Principal Edward College and famous educationist Prof. Kaleemullah the fight against terrorism is an ideological war. Unless this ideology and mindset is not changed we cannot win the war comprehensively. He said that now the women of Swat are participating in social activities which is an encouraging sign. We generally treat our female as our property and do not let them go out to excel. He admired efforts of PICSS that it attracted so much female participants in the conference. He urged that the students should learn to raise the question and teachers should play their role in career counseling of the youth. Counter Extremism expert and Managing Director Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies (PICSS) Abdullah Khan admired the vision of the Wali-e-Swat and the people of Swat. He highlighted the ideological dimensions of Pakistaniat as per his understanding. He said that relating Pakistan and Pakistaniat with Indus valley civilization or any geographical terrain creates disillusions among the youth. He said that Pakistan was founded in the name of Kalimah and that is the basic bonding force which created a country having Eastern part about 1500 kilometers away. He said that Hyderabad, Junagadh, Munawadar and Kashmir had decided to become part of Pakistan on the basis of ideology and not on any other civilization or geographical location. He said that ‘faith, unity and discipline’ are the introduction of Pakistani nationhood and need to be understood in true perspective. Andaleeb Aftab, the mother of an APS martyr Huzaifa Shaheed in her emotional speech highlighted the plight and agony undergone by the parents of the martyrs. She said the Allah took one Huzaifa but has given me thousands of other Huzafas as every Pakistani child gives me the respect and affection as a mother. She said that I envision and pray that we grow up our sons from whom none of the females of the society is scared, rather they become their protectors. 12 years old motivational speaker Hammad Safi said that Pakistan is facing 5th generation warfare. Some elements are involved in negative propaganda against our Armed Forces but they don’t know that they are acting against the state. He said that we forgot the basis on which Pakistan was created. He urged that the youth should understand the enemy designs against our armed forces. He said that for the stability of Pakistan the nation has to stand with their national security institutions. PICSS had invited a minority motivational speaker Raj Kumar Gujjar from Tharparkar Sindh who narrated his story of being a Pakistani Hindu and said that he feels proud to be a Pakistani. He said that when he started interacting with outside world, people questioned treatment as being a Hindu in Pakistan. He said that I tell the world that I am treated in Pakistan as a golden duck. He dispelled many misperceptions about the so-called negative treatment to the minorities in Pakistan. He talked about composite heritage and shared ownership of values and tradition among all Pakistanis regardless of their culture, caste or religion. Grandson of late Muzaffar Khan Mr. Nadeem Khan spoke on the occasion and shared the sacrifices of his family. He said that the militants killed at least 14 members of their family during the period of ten years but could never deter the resolve and commitment with Pakistan. He praised sacrifices by Police and Army in securing peace in Swat. Dr. Nargis Ara’a the Principal of Government Girls Post Graduate College Mangora said that there is serious misperception prevailing that the people of Swat are against Army. This perception needs to be corrected as the people of Swat are peaceful people who love Pakistani Armed Forces. She said that we should start a nationwide campaign to make Pakistani clean and green. Director Research PICSS Mr. Gul Dad highlighted the opportunities the youth has in the field of research. He said that research and innovation are directly linked with the youth and very important for their capacity building. Research and development is associated with the development of nations and states. Those who continue with the tradition of research and development, never fail to excel.


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