Pak Afghan bilateral relations remain tense


Bilateral relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan continued to remain tense with no immediate signs of improvement of these relations. Afghan continues to blame Pakistan for latest upsurge in violence in Afghanistan while Pakistan vehemently deny this allegation. Pakistan complains that response from Afghan side with regards to taking action against anti-Pakistan is not forthcoming making its fight against militant less effective. Pakistan asked Afghan government to return to the negotiation table, sooner the better, being the only viable option for Afghan crisis. Latest upsurge in violence by Taliban is not only meant to put pressure on Afghan government but is also aimed at consolidating position of the new Afghan Taliban chief. Although Afghan Taliban conducted a major offensive in Kunduz by capturing the city yet Afghan Taliban are neither capable nor could be interested to hold the city for longer.

Already fragile relations between Pakistan and India witnessed a further sink when Pakistan took up the issue of Kashmir at the UN level. While Pakistan proposed some new peace measures including ceasefire on LOC, demilitarization of Kashmir, avoiding use or the threat of use of force, withdrawal from Siachen Glacier, India rejected Pakistani proposal and remained stuck to its position of limiting the agenda of the dialogue on terrorism. In the absence of any bilateral meeting, Pakistan shared with UN Secretary General Indian involvement in supporting terrorism in Pakistan.

A freeze in diminishing trend of militant attacks has been observed as the number of militant attacks has been floating around 50 attacks per month suggesting that hard measures adopted by the state have attained their maximum utility and further improvement in security situation in the country is not likely until and unless other measures espoused in National Action Plan are invigorated. Despite men and material losses to militants in ongoing military operations/ IOBs, militants’ capability of planning and executing a high profile attack has not completely diminished.