“Paigham-E-Pakistan to be incorporated into the syllabus”


Speakers at a roundtable conference suggested that “Paigham-E-Pakistan” fatwa should be made part of school and colleges syllabus. The roundtable was organized by Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies (PICSS) and addressed by chairman Council of Islamic ideology Dr. Qibla Ayaz, renowned scholar Dr. Mussarat Amin, Chairman PICSS Maj. Gen(R) Saad Khattak and others. The roundtable was attended by academicians, researchers and diplomats.

Dr. Qibla Ayaz said that counter narrative is what Pakistan needs to pay attention over. Qibla Ayaz while addressing the roundtable conference at Pakistan Institute of Conflict and Security studies (PICSS), titled “Civic approaches to Counter violent extremism “also said that hard power is important. Civic approaches to counter violent extremism also includes soft power, as we have seen them to be improving security situation. However, gains through use of hard power are temporary. For sustainable peace, soft efforts in the form of civic approaches to counter terrorism and violent extremism are also crucial to the society. There used to be cultural activities in the past, but now they have extinct. Our syllabus needs to be changed. It should be equipped with civic approaches of countering terrorism among the youth of Pakistan. It rather contains the ideas like having ghalba over the western societies. The ideas of coexistence and working together have never been incorporated into the syllabus. Rather ideas of conquering the west have been cultured to the minds of our youth.

He also suggested that “Paigham-E-Pakistan” the counter narrative by Pakistan to be added to the syllabus at school and university level. The Paigham-e-Pakistan fatwa has been signed by as many as 500 heads of religious seminaries, and by the heads of some violent groups. He paid emphasis over the policy makers, who are failing to change the syllabus, so far yet. The Al-Dawah academy at the international Islamic university is offering multiple training regarding such topics. He also emphasized the print and electronic media, who do not show programs over tolerance, acceptance, and mutuality.

Dr. Mussarat Amin talked about applying soft power in the form of counter-narrative techniques to curb the violent extremism. It is very important to fail the violent extremist narrative. Pakistan recently published its counter-narrative literature in the form of Paigham-e-Pakistan, which should be added to the syllabus.


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