Natonalism and Pakistaniat media coverage

PICSS is one of leading think tanks in Islamabad which monitors anti-State violence and related activities in Pakistan. Recently it organised a one day seminar on topic Nationalism and Pakistaniat in order to promote the nationalism among the the youth to overcome the extremism and to promote patriotism specially among the youth which received tremendous media coverage both by print and electronic media. Following are some of links where PICSS Seminar got coverage .


Abusing country has become fashion: CJCSC

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Development of Gawadar will boost Pakistan’s regional trade: Ahsan Iqbal

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 Daily Ausaf:




کچھ لوگ ملک کو گالی دیتے ہیں،عسکری اپنا ،سیاسی قیادت اپنا کام کر رہی ہے،جنرل زبیر محمود حیات

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