National Youth Convention 2022 saw an overwhelming response from youth across Pakistan


A Two-Days National Youth Convention organized by an Islamabad-based think tank Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies (PICSS) concluded on Thursday. Young participants from all provinces, belonging to all religions, ethnicities participated in the convention. The main theme of the National Youth Convention 2022 was to show-case Pakistan’s diversity to promote national cohesion, tolerance and harmony.

President of Pakistan Dr Arif Alvi Addressing the youth during National Youth Convention 2022

President of Pakistan Dr. Arfi Aliv address the National Youth Convention on its first day. He said that Pakistani youth has the potential to transform Pakistan into a Super Power. He said that Pakistan is a unique country and its nuclear program is a pride for entire Muslim Ummah.

Chairman Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies Major General Muhammad Saad Khattak (R) discussing his concerns for youth

He said that the youth must prioritize national interests while personal goal setting. Chairman Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies Major General Muhammad Saad Khattak (R) said that Pakistan’s political elite has to think and plan about Pakistani youth the way the think and plan for their own children as if that is not done then the youth bulge can be a serious challenge for Pakistan’s future. Senator Sarfaraz Bugti said that perception is way different from reality.

Head of the German organization Frederich Ebert Stiftung Mr. Niels Hegewisch giving address to the youth of NYC 2022

Head of the German organization Frederich Ebert Stiftung Mr. Niels Hegewisch said that efforts to promote tolerance and harmony in the society are commendable. The acceptability of Baloch youth in Punjab is great and encouraging. He said that the unrest in Balochistan is not because of under development because those who fight against the state claim that they fight for the Baloch identity. He said unparalleled development is not an issue specific to Balochistan.

Former Chief of Air Staff Pakistan Air Force Sohail Aman addressing diversified youth attending NYC 2022.

Former Air Chief Pakistan Air Force Sohail Aman said that when our aircrafts were hit by terrorists attacks a decade ago, the maintenance price quoted to Pakistan by international vendors was around four hundred million dollars but Pakistan’s own engineers not only got aviation certification agency within seven months but did that repair work for less than twenty million dollars.

Panel Discussion On SarBuland Pakistan

He said the opportunities for Baloch youth are too many and they should explore them for their benefit. He said that the ethnic councils in Pakistani universities is very dangerous. He said that our first identity is Pakistaniat therefore these ethnic councils need to be discouraged. He said that these ethnic councils are polluting hearts and minds of Pakistani youth. He said the suicide bomber in Karachi university was a privileged lady. He said all the Chief Ministers of Baluchistan were Baloch and no one came from Punjab therefore blaming state for deprivation of Baloch people is incorrect, rather governments of Baluchistan to be blamed.

Hisham Sarwar talking about Prospects of Knowledge and Economy for Pakistani Youth.

 Renowned Tech Guru Hisham Sarwar also spoke to the young participants. He said that in 2025 Pakistan will be hub of tech exports. He said that it is bound to happen.

Panel Discussion/Interactive Session: Where Kashmir lies in our National Priority?

Former Prime Minister Azad Kashmir Sardar Atiq Ahmad Khan said that extension of Pakistani political parties into AJK turned the basecamp into a political battle ground for Pakistani political parties. He said that Kashmiris are being killed for Pakistan but Pakistan is confused in its policies regarding Kashmir. He said that no doubt Kashmir always figured in top priority in Pakistan’s policies but these policies need to be result oriented. 

Discussion on Sports and Tourism for Peace and Youth Development.

PICSS had also arranged special sessions for youth to learn entrepreneurship and e-commerce. Folks songs and dance performances on regional cultures were also part of the national youth convention while a special session was dedicated for minorities.

Panel Discussion: Challenges and opportunities for Pakistani Youth

Mr. Christopher Sharaf said that we the minorities are Pakistanis by choice and not Pakistanis by accident. A national song sung by Christian singers was also played while entire convention stood on its feet in honor of minorities representative on stage. Hundreds of participants from different minorities also attended the convention along with other participants. 

Interaction with Families of Martyrs.

The Youth Convention was also addressed by Lt. General Asif Yaseen Malik (R), Dr. Mujahid Gilani President Kashmir Youth Alliance, Abid Iqbal Khari, head of Positive Pakistaan, Dr. Farah Naz,  Dr Shoaibl Ahmad, Khurram Elahi, Abdullah Khan MD PICC, Faizan Hassan, Abu Zafar, Major Amir Bilal, Munir Ahmad Munir, Mome Saleem, Mujtaba Haider and others. 


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