Militants Spreading Out – A Challenge for Intelligence and Effectiveness of Intelligence Based Operations


WSR-21-27 Dec-14There were 16 militant activities in the week in which 67 people were killed while 64 others were injured. Out of given militant violence, 50pc was reported from Balochistan suggesting that FATA/KP based militants are following a policy of spreading out to more settled areas particularly in Punjab and those areas of KP which were comparatively found peaceful in the past. Either of frustration or in retaliation of strong armed tactics by the military, militants can launch attacks particularly on soft targets like public places.

The week also witnessed further intensity in security forces actions particularly intelligence based operations in various parts of the country. In 49 security forces actions, 102 people (all suspected militants) were killed and two others were injured while more than 150 suspects were arrested. Intelligence based operations and their success in various parts of the country especially in Punjab and Hazara Division confirm our assessment that militants are following policy of spreading out. In addition, it also suggest that security forces are quite vigil to avert any reaction from militants especially when execution of arrested militants have been carried out in prisons across the country which could trigger reaction from militants.

Political leadership has shown a firm resolve to come with a comprehensive action plan to curb militancy in the country. Effectiveness of this action plan will be determined in days to come when some thorny issues like jurisdiction of special courts, madrassah reforms, and curb on media will be translated into actions.


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