Militant Attacks on decline, rise in casualties: PICSS Monthly Report

Monthly Security Report – September 2014

Islamabad, August 1, 2019

Militant attacks in Pakistan decreased by 29 percent during July 2019, however deaths and injuries have significantly increased. According to an Islamabad-based independent think tank Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies, militants carried out 12 attacks in the country during the 7th month of the year in which 38 people lost their lives and 104 people injured. The majority of the deaths occurred among security forces as 24 out of 38 were security forces personnel while majority of the injured include civilians as 91 out of 100 were civilians. The number of deaths increased by 46 percent while the number of injured increased by 112 percent as compared to June 2019. The highest number of deaths in the militant attacks and resultant casualties took place in Baluchistan, followed by KPK and then former FATA.PICSS recorded 4 militant attacks in Baluchistan during the month of July in which 16 people got killed including 6 personnel of the security forces while 5 civilians and same number of militants were also killed.  Among the injured, 55 were civilians out of 58 and 3 were security forces personnel in the province. In the former FATA region, 4 militant attacks took place in which 7 security force personnel got killed, there were 11 injured in which 9 were security personnel and 2 were civilians. In KPK, 2 incidents of militant assaults took lives of 10 including 6 security force personnel, 3 civilians and 1 militant. Azad Jammu and Kashmir witnessed a surprise IED attack along the Line of Control in which five soldiers were killed while one got injured. No militant group claimed the attack, while ISPR accused Indian sponsored militants of the attack. No militant attack was recorded in any other administrative unit of Pakistan including Sindh, Islamabad, Gilgit-Baltistan, and Punjab. The militants used different types of attacks during the month including Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), suicide attack, physical assaults, targeted killing and grenade attacks. IEDs, as usual, was the highest in numbers during the month of July. PICSS recorded a total of seven IED attacks in the country during July 2019 in which 13 people were killed while 66 were injured. Most of the IEDs were of low intensity except two IEDs in the provincial capital of Balochistan in which 50 people were injured and 7 were killed. One suicide attack was also recorded during the month in which Awami National Party’s workers were targeted in DI Khan district of KPK killing eight of them while 30 were injured. There was one targeted killing incident and one grenade attack also recorded during the month.


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