IED Attacks in Pakistan Since 2001


Use of an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) is also one the effective tool of militants. According to PICSS Militancy Database use of IED is highest number of a specific type and deaths in IEDs are third highest in any specific type of attack (Physical Assaults caused highest fatalities followed by suicide attacks). Pakistan has been struggling to control IEDs and has adopted number of measures to dry up supply of raw material for IED making but failed like any other State in the world. IEDs are most lethal weapon of militants. We also use statistic of IEDs to analyze capacity and quality of IEDs made by different militant groups. Mostly resultant casualties determine intensity of an IED. For example IEDs used by rebels active in Balochistan are generally of lower quality than that of Al-Qaeda, TTP or Jamat-ul-Ahrar. Targets of IEDs also provide a platform to identity signature of a specific militant group of a type of groups.