Militant Activities (Kidnappings & Killings) In Pakistan Since 2001


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Militants use kidnapping as guerilla tactic for several reasons. In Pakistani context the most important aspect of kidnapping has financial significance as militants use kidnapping for ransom as a tool to generate money. This was one of their biggest revenue generation drive before nationwide intelligence based operations against kidnapping networks recently in line with Operation Zarb-e-Azb and National Action Plan. Militants face financial constraints when kidnapping for ransom activities are on the decline. They also use kidnappings for other gains such as forcing governments to release prisoners or to get some other concessions, settling scores with other militant groups, establishing their writ in certain pockets etc. We at PICSS monitor and record kidnapping as well as killings during or after kidnappings. In our database kidnapping and killings is separately recorded because it tells that what happens if relatives of kidnapped people do not oblige to the demands of the militants. Here in this graph we have presented them jointly.