Militant Activities (Grenade, Mortar & Rockets Attacks) In Pakistan Since 2001


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Apart from suicide attacks, grenade attacks, target killings the militants also use Grenade Attacks, Mortar and Rocket attacks. PICSS separately records these attacks because they signify certain operation aspects of militants. Statistics of different types of attacks help our researchers to analyze operational capabilities of militants.

For exampleif an area witnesses more rocket attacks and less physical assaults it would suggest that militant operating in that specific areas are less capable of carrying out attacks which involve physical movement of militants close to their targets.

Grenade attacks generally carried out by militants living as upper ground civilian and only occasionally take part in operations such as grenade throwing and again hiding back as civilian. There are other aspects of grenade throwing as well. Mortar attacks are conducted away from sight of the target as the militants use small mortar guns to attack in a radius of one to two kilometers.