December 29, 2023

Security Concerns Rise as Militant Attacks Surge: Pakistan’s Week of Challenges (22-28 December 2023)

During the week, Pakistan experienced an escalation in militant activities, with a total of
17 attacks resulting in 17 fatalities and 15 injuries. The attacks were concentrated in different
regions, notably with eight in KP, four in erstwhile FATA, three in Sindh, and two in Balochistan.
The nature of these incidents ranged from physical assaults and targeted killings to IED explosions
and a mortar attack. Troubles continue in KP’s southern districts.

In the realm of security, threatening pamphlets attributed to ISIS-Khurasan (ISKP)
emerged in Bajaur, denouncing democracy and warning residents against participating in the
democratic process.

The political landscape was marked by pre-poll drama, particularly involving the Pakistan
Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), as the Election Commission of Pakistan declared the party’s intra-party
polls “unconstitutional” and revoked its claim on the electoral symbol of a bat but decision was
reversed by the court. The party is able to get some reprieve from courts.

In Islamabad, the treatment of Baloch protesters drew attention, prompting the interim
federal government to release 34 detained protesters, However, these negotiations faced
challenges, with the Baloch Yakjehti Committee issuing a seven-day ultimatum to the
government to address its demands. The situation exposed the interim government’s struggle in
handling the Turbat protests.

Pakistan conducted a flight test of the guided multiple-launch rocket system, Fatah-II,
showcasing its advanced capabilities.

Tensions between Pakistan and Afghanistan remained strained, with conflicting claims
regarding TTP negotiations. Pakistan accused its main adversary of supporting the TTP. The UN
Security Council was informed of Pakistan’s evidence of TTP support and cross-border attacks,
leading to heightened concerns about regional stability. The corps commanders conference
reiterated Pakistan’s commitment to dealing firmly with all terrorists aiming to destabilize the
country. The overall politico-diplomatic relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan reached a
low point, with water issues and other contentious matters adding to the complexity of the

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(22 – 28 Dec 2023)

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