November 3, 2023

Reduction in Militant Attacks; Attacks against Police in KP (27 Oct – 2 Nov) Highlights

During the week under review, Pakistan witnessed a notable decrease in militant attacks, with seven reported incidents resulting in seven fatalities and an equal number of injuries. This represents a decline from the previous week’s figures, which saw 11 attacks, 13 deaths, and 17 injuries. Among the significant events were TTP-claimed attacks in KP, Balochistan, and erstwhile FATA, as well as targeted violence against non-local residents in Balochistan.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) took decisive action by announcing the general elections for February 8, following a meeting with President Arif Alvi. This move has been welcomed by political parties, providing much-needed clarity and reducing uncertainty in the electoral process. However, there is an anticipation that militant groups opposed to the democratic process may escalate their activities, necessitating heightened security measures.

The Supreme Court has demonstrated a more assertive stance, permitting accountability courts to continue proceedings in corruption cases, while delaying final orders pending a detailed judgment on the Supreme Court (Practice and Procedure) Act, 2023. The Court’s rejection of the government-appointed special fact-finding committee in the Faizabad dharna case indicates a heightened level of judicial oversight and increased pressure on the government to implement rulings.

Despite international concerns and petitions filed in the Supreme Court, Pakistan has initiated a nationwide crackdown on undocumented immigrants. Over 7,300 refugees, including prisoners, were deported via the Torkham border crossing. The US shared a list of 25,000 Afghans eligible for special visas or asylum, yet controversy surrounds the completeness and accuracy of the list. The deportation process, though addressing security and economic concerns, is likely to strain Pakistan-Afghanistan relations and influence public sentiment.

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