I was supposed to be the suicide bomber: Naureen


Hyderabad’s medical student, Naureen Laghari, who was arrested after her husband was killed in an encounter in Lahore, has confessed that she would have been used as a suicide bomber in the planned attack on Easter celebrations if it wasn’t for the security forces’ timely intervention. She confessed to the crime that wasn’t committed, “I was to be used as a suicide attacker.” Giving the modus operandi of the planned attack, she said, “The organisation [Islamic State] had provided two suicide jackets, four hand grenades and some bullets on April 1, 2017, which were to be used in a church during Easter celebrations”. “Ali had plans of terror attacks from the very beginning, like, suicide attacks and kidnapping intelligence officials,” she said. “A boy called Abu Fauji was involved with him in such activities”. She made it clear through her statement that no one had kidnapped her as she had left for Lahore on her own free will. About herself, she said, “My name is Naureen and I belong to Hyderabad. My father’s name is Abdul Jabbar who is a professor at Sindh University. I am a student of second year MBBS in Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences.