Nationalism and Pakistaniat


Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies (PICSS) is going to launch a nation-wide campaign through seminars, conferences, round tables, interactive sessions, and other tools of advocacy to help the youth of Pakistan to comprehend the true concept of Pakistaniat, help them become useful citizens of the country and nullify the impact of disillusioned ideas and aspirations, which make them fodder for forces of darkness and destruction. To launch the drive through a mega event, a one-day conference at Pakistan National Council of Arts in islamabad on 15th March 2018 has been scheduled. The conference will be addressed by speakers from different walks of life with an aim to motivate the participating youth to become useful citizens of the country. University students from leading universities in twin cities and surrounding areas will be the major chunk of participants.


  1. That’s really a Great Step to give them true aspiration about the Pakistaniat and National Spirit. I think you should define Pakistaniat in context of Islamic Ideology of Paksitan that also give secure sense to the minorities.We have to cleariy that True Paksitaniat with Islamic ideology Gurantees the right of Freedom to the minoroties.Whenever we use the word “Islam” then it gives a sense of insecurity which is not even true in The spirit of Islam. So please try to make a Moderate Opinion about it.


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