Brief overview of suicide attacks in Punjab for the last ten years


May 08, 2019.

Lahore, the capital of Punjab, was jolted by a deadly suicide attack on the Holy Shrine Data Darbar. The attack claimed lives of 10 people including five police men while 25 others were injured. The attack took place in the early morning around 8:45 am, in front of Data Darbar gate no.2 on an elite force vehicle according to the initial police findings.

The responsibility of the attack was claimed by a militant organization “Hizbul Ahrar”. The militant attack in Lahore took place after a year’s gap. Last year, a suicide attack had been carried out on a Police check post, near a venue where members of Tablighi Jamaat were gathered at Raiwand. The attack claimed the lives of 11 people including 6 security force personnel, meanwhile the number of injured totaled to 13.

From 2009 till present day there have been 46 suicide attacks, as a result there have been 896 number of casualties and 2806 number of injuries over this period of time, according to the PICSS database. A decade long analysis of the trend of Suicide attacks in Punjab, shows that there has been a significant decline from 2009 till today in the suicide attacks. The Province of Punjab under the leadership of PML-N has seen a substantial decline in the prevailing instability in the province.  According to the online PICSS database, in 2009 there were 13 suicide attacks, in which 862 people were injured and 289 were killed. In comparison, by 2018 the attack ratio had reduced to 2 per year. The below given graph indicates a steady decline in the suicide attacks in the province over the years. However, Lahore remains the most affected city in Punjab, where in the past decade 20 suicide attacks have taken place. The number of injured in these attacks have been 2149 and the numbers of casualties have totaled to 553.


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