Positive signs in security of Pakistan


Islamabad: May 05, 2015

According to monthly security assessment report by Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies (PICSS), an Islamabad based think tank, militant activities and resultant deaths in the country witnessed further reduction in April showing a continuous trend of overall improvement in security situation in the country due to concerted efforts at national level under National Action Plan while military operations in FATA particularly Operation Khyber-II is helping armed forces to consolidate their positions as well as inflicting heavy men and material losses to militants making them run.

According to PICSS statistics, 149 overall incidents related to anti-state violence by the militants and counter-insurgency operations by the state were monitored in April that caused 308 deaths (including 248 militants) while 126 others were injured. Out of given 149 overall incidents, there were 50 militant activities that caused 69 deaths while wounding 97 others. The figures suggest that militants’ capabilities to launched organized attacks against security forces and general public are greatly hampered. However, it would be naïve to believe that militants have been completely neutralized. Out of given militant activities, 19 were reported from FATA, 14 from KP, 13 from Balochistan and four from Sindh.

Militant activities in Balochistan have witnessed a negative trend since February this year as the number of militant activities are increasingly decreasing. However, the situation in the province is not ideal despite reduction of militant activities. Militant activities in FATA continue to witness a fluctuating trend while an upward trend in militant activities in KP has been observed by PICSS. While Punjab witnessed no militant activity during the month, a notable reduction in militant activities in Sindh was also observed.

April witnessed only one suicide attack in which head of the Jamhuri Watan Party (JWP) Aftab Ahmed Sherpao was targeted who remained safe. The month also witnessed 22 IED blasts, 11 physical assault by the militants and the same number of incidents of target killings.

PICSS statistics revealed that security forces conducted as many as 99 actions during April in which 239 people were killed including 232 suspected militants while 29 others were injured including 23 suspected militants. Forces arrested at least 334 suspected militants in various intelligence based operations across the country. Some of these arrests were made ahead of Chinese President’s visit to Pakistan. Highest number of security forces actions were reported from Balochistan with the tally of 36 killing 27 suspected militants while security forces actions were more lethal in FATA, where operation Khyber-II is in full swing, as 24 security forces actions in this region caused deaths of at least 175 suspected militants. Security forces also conducted nine actions/ operation in Sindh while six in Punjab. Killing of 26 suspected militants in Sindh in merely nine security forces actions clearly point focus of the security forces.