Constant vigil and across the board action helped reduction in violence in July, 2015


Islamabad: 5 August, 2015


A further reduction was observed in militant activities in the month of July, 2015. According to Monthly Security Assessment Report by Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies, an Islamabad based independent think tank, a drop in militant activities is continuing for the past two months. Since January, 2015 a constant trend of decline was observed until April, 2015 while violence slightly went up in May, 2015. However, since June 2015 reduction in violence has been visible. This reduction in violence is due to constant vigil of the security forces and continued insecurity among the militant groups who feel threatened due to across the board action by the security forces.

Though there is still some room for improvement but government and security forces are making efforts to curb militancy in the country. With the killing and arrests of some top and middle tier commanders/ leaders of various militant groups suggest that government and security forces are tightening noose around militants of all sorts and no one is going to be spared. Due to vigilance of security forces, increased intelligence collection, better coordination and timely actions, militants’ ability to carry out their activities has been curtailed to greater extent. However, writing militants completely off would be naïve’ and security forces will have to keep constant vigil in days to come.

According to PICSS statistics, 52 militant activities were recorded in July 2015 as compared to 57 militant activities in the month of June, 2015. Overall 141 incidents related to anti-state violence by the militants and counter-insurgency operations by the state were monitored in July 2015 that caused 149 deaths (including 99 militants) while 68 others were injured. Out of given 141 overall incidents, there were 52 militant activities that caused 96 deaths, while wounding 58 others. 22 civilians were killed and 33 injured by militant activities. Statistics propose that militants’ capabilities to launch organized attacks against security forces and general public have greatly abridged. This month prompt engagements were seen by security forces as 89 such actions were recorded by PICSS resulting in 53 deaths (51 militants) and 10 injured. These 89 undertakings by security forces made arrests of 343 suspects.

According to statistics recorded by Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies, 143 overall incidents of violence (militant attacks security forces actions combined) were observed in June as compared to 162 in May 2015. In 143 incidents in June, 406 people were killed while 113 others injured. In July, this number has come down to 141 overall violent incidents with 149 deaths and with 68 injuries (marked decrease). This suggests that a marked decrease in number of deaths as well as decrease in number of injuries. Among 143 overall incidents in June 2015, 57 were militant activities in which 116 people were killed while 64 others were injured. Not only reduction in overall violent incidents was observed but also noted number of arrests made in these two months. In June 2015, 459 suspected arrests were made by security forces while in July 2015 this figure was 343.

In Baluchistan situation remained almost same. 21 militant activities were recorded in Baluchistan. 167 suspects were arrested while 7 IED blasts and 7 incidents of target killing were recorded for month of July, 2015. It is significant that in Baluchistan great number of militant leaders were arrested which shows seriousness of security forces to counter militancy in best possible way.

In FATA 13 militant activities were observed as compared to 16 militant activities recorded in June, 2015.  In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 13 militant activities were observed in month of July as compared to 12 incidents recorded in month of June, 2015.  Out of 26 militant actions recorded both in FATA and KPK, 9 IEDs and 9 militant assaults were noted. TTP in this month claimed four attacks one of which was killing of member of Peace Committee, who was attacked in Bajur Agency. One of major incident was target killing of ANP leader Dost Muhammad Khan alias Khan Baba who was gun shot in party’s office in Charsadda district, KPK.  The other attacks were carried on SFPs.

In Punjab, 2 violent occurrences were recorded. One of major incident was killing of outlawed Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) chief Malik Ishaq along with his two sons and other militants in an encounter near Muzaffargarh. After this incident security has been put on high alert in Punjab. In Sindh, marked reduction was observed as 3 violent incidents were recorded. Successful on going Karachi Operation and during the month of Ramadan, ban on collecting Fitrana and Zakat openly by certain organizations also helped to keep check on violence in Karachi and other vicinities. In Islamabad Capital Territory no violent activity was observed.

PICSS statistics reveal that increase in number of security forces actions are giving tough time to militants who are either surrendering in encounters or finding new hide-outs. Large scale IBOs are helping in this regard to restrain militancy while military operations going on, in conflicted areas are also marked successful so far.