Changing Targets, Mounting Civilian Casualties: CMC’s Study Report on Suicide Attacks


Militants have carried out 12 suicide attacks in Pakistan during past three months. According to a study conducted by the Conflict Monitoring Center 158 people, mostly civilians (123) were killed and 336 were injured in these attacks. Except 28 Security personal, all injured people (308) were civilians. Twenty-one security forces personnel also lost their lives in suicide attacks during the period between July and September 2011. Out of these 12 suicide attacks, 4 were carried out in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 3 in Balochistan and 4 in Federally Administrated Tribal Areas (FATA) while one suicide attack occurred in Sindh. No suicide attack was carried out in Punjab, Azad Kashmir, and Giligit Baltistan regions. Seven suicide attacks were carried out at public places while five were aimed at security forces. Only one suicide attack was carried out during the study period on Pak Army, which was foiled by a soldier.
Twenty-five suicide attacks were carried out by Afghan militants during the study period. The period between July and September saw 132 deaths in suicide attacks in Afghanistan while 243 people were injured. During the period, 49 security forces’ personnel and 48 civilians were killed while 123 se

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