Book Launch: The role of Madrasas in Afghanistan and Pakistan


Madrassahs are considered an important pillar of the educational system of Pakistan. These religious institutions are playing a vital role while providing free education, medical, accommodation and food facilities to thousands of their students. According to different estimates, there are around forty thousand Madrasas of different schools of thought in Pakistan. In order to run this huge network/system of Madrasas billions of amount is being needed and utilized. Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies, in collaboration with Danish Royal Defense Collage, designed and executed this in which the financial pipelines of Madrassahs in Pakistan have been explored and analyzed. Although, it is a sensitive issue as Madrassahs have always been reluctant to disclose their sources of funding, however, our research team comprising Mr. Gul Dad (lead researcher), Ms. Abida Rafique, Mr. Ejaz Hussain, Mr. Assadullah, Mr. Ishtiaq Hussain,  Mr. Abdul Rehman and Mr. Muhammad Zubair materialized this research with devotion and dedication while collecting data from all four provinces and four other administrative units of Pakistan. Collecting data especially in conflict zones like Balochistan, KPK and FATA was not an easy task due to security risks for which the entire research team deserves apt appreciation. The research study is now published in a book form that also includes two other research studies including one from Centre for Research and Security Studies (CRSS), Islamabad and Centre for Conflict and Peace Studies (CAPS), Afghanistan. The book was launched through a seminar in Islamabad on 30 January 2018.

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