Miss Noor ul ain Naseem from PICSS recently presented her research paper on International Refugee Crisis via Live Conferencing at an International Conference in UK. Her research paper was selected at the Conference titled “Unpacking the Challenges and Possibilities for Migration Governance” held at The University of Cambridge and was organized by Uppsala University, Sweden.

Her research addressed the Social and Political conditions in host states which may encourage or push Refugee and Migrant situations to become security concerns in the long run. The paper was well received and was commended for a vast literature review and voicing the plights of underrepresented and persecuted communities in exile. It was also an opportunity for research of Afghan Refugee situation in Pakistan to reach international forums especially the subsequent social and political challenges faced by both refugee and host communities.

The conference was attended by researchers from Cambridge University UK, Bilgi University Turkey, International Communities Organization, WZB Social Science Centre Berlin and Gran Saaso Science Institute Italy.


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